Terms & Conditions

This provision is attached to all users of the Trip on Halal website (tripohalal.com) and mobile application (will be released soon), where users have to download and register an account. Please read carefully the following terms and conditions of this service thoroughly, before using the service in correctly. By accessing and using our services (triponhalal.com or Trip on Halal mobile application), you have agreed to and bounded by the terms of this service and comply with the terms of the service entirely.
  1. PT. Opepper Global Media is a provider and operator of Trip on Halal subsequent service, and if only the users of this service, are subject to and comply with the terms and conditions of the service.
  2. PT. Opepper Global Media have a right to update, add, alter and even customized at any time without notice. Therefore, all users of this application should frequently read the “Terms & Conditions” periodically for changes.
  3. By joining and using our services, you are allowed to access all the information needed, giving reviews, posting pictures or even leave a comment and invite friends who also joined in our service, recommending something, and get worthwhile things.
  4. You are not allowed to transmit, upload, display, disseminate, store, create or otherwise publish through the Trip on Halal service, in which according to the provisions of these Terms & Conditions, called the 'Content that is not allowed’, which is including and refers to the following matters, but are not limited to:
    • Inappropriate language even harmful, coarse, vilify, even threatening, foul language, harassment, vulgar, pornography, provocative issue, (eg. racist or discriminative remark).
    • Unrelated content with this service, or in violation of "Terms and Conditions"
    • Display the information that is not in fact, based on the data that improper or misleading, but based on actual facts and experience, as prescribed by the "Terms and Conditions" of Trip on Halal.
    • Content that is an indication, criminal act, violate the rights of any party or violate any laws, rules and regulations of a regional, national or international law.
    • Content that violates the proprietary, copyright or intellectual property rights of any person. By displaying the content, you have the legitimate right to distribute, alter the content with your own responsibility.
    • Encrypted content, hacked or containing trojan virus, worm, time bomb or a line of computers that are intended to damage, disable, interfere the system data or private information from the service.
  5. You must be 13 years of age or more, to be known has fulfilled the required eligibility to access or using the service of Trip on Halal.
  6. This service is not confined, that can be modified, updated, suspended or even discontinued at any time without notices or any obligation.
  7. Trip on Halal can use your content and materials in a variety of ways, included showing to the public, put it into the advertisements and creating other works, creating works that related or included to the content. Able to reproduce, distribute, even promote it. Thereby you give Trip on Halal, the authority which is non-exclusive, diverted royalty free, licensed, or diverted rights to use your content for any purpose. Please remember, by using The Trip on Halal, it means you have been using, copy, demonstrate to the public, reproduce, distribute, modify, translate, commercialize and create the work of those material or content of yours.
  8. Trip on Halal also have the materials like that you have, in which the content have the initial appearance, the display between pages, graphics, design, applications and data systems, compilation, pictures and other materials whose ownership is protected. All matters included but is not limited, that is in the service of Trip on Halal, is copyrighted, and all other intellectual property rights and ownership in the prevailing law. You may not modify, reproduce, distribute or publicly showing or in any way, exploit or take advantage of any Trip on Halal content without our consent.
  9. Trip on Halal may display advertisements and other materials that related to your content. There is no compensation for the advertising, that relates to how we will using your material, or without any notice to you.
  10. We entitled to to not showing, remove, alter or return the user content at any time, at our sole discretion for any reason or without prior notice to you. We can remove the reviews, comments or postings, if we assume it violates our “Terms and Conditions”. And there is no necessity to store, give your copy of those content. We also do not ensure any confidentiality with respect to materials or your content.
  11. With the “Terms and Conditions” of this service, you agreed not to using the service by any means that could adverse, damage, disable or impair the system and Trip on Halal service, or detrimental and interfere convenience of other users. You are not allowed or attempt to obtain unauthorized access apart from Trip on Halal websites and mobile applications. We reserve the right to suspend or even remove or take the necessary action, if there is unauthorized access use or abuse of privacy rights.