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To ease Muslim travelers planning a Halal trip, Trip on Halal provides Halal directories and reviews. This site is to enable Muslim travelers to explore the world with peace of mind.

The biggest pain for muslim traveler when they visiting non muslim countries is looking for reliable Halal food restaurants. Halal foods is highly prioritized as it is essential for Muslim religious belief and health. Muslim travelers is also looking for secure prayer places. A devoted Muslim has to do prayers five times a day. Therefore, they need to find Masjid (Mosque) or a prayer room to fulfill their obligation.

Muslim travelers will also search for hotels and inns which serve Halal cuisine, including the menu for the breakfast or in-room dining menu. According to The Almanac Book of Fact (2011), in the last decade, the world population increased 137%. When viewed from the development of the number of followers of religion, Christians grew 46%, while Islam grew five times, up to 235%.

Muslims are predicted to make up almost one in three of the world’s population by 2025, and increasing numbers of well-heeled, well-educated Muslims are already seeking out goods and services that meet their needs - not only at home, but also when they travel.

With the growth of Muslim travelers forecasted to outpace the growth of other travel segment, Halal Trip or Halal Friendly Travel market is increasingly becoming a key segment for the travel industry. According to records, this segment of travelers spent US$126 billion in 2011 a figure which is expected to grow to US$200 billion by 2020. For the travel industry, it means taking into action the needs of Muslim travelers in developing their service and facilities.

Many destinations are already beginning to see the potential and making adjustments to their service to meet the demand of Muslim travelers. For example is Japan, which is very aggressive in developing the potential of Halal trip.

Some airport in Japan, i.e Kansai Airport, Narita Airport, and Haneda Airport announced that it will take effort to become a Muslim friendly airport for Muslim visitor to Japan. The built prayer rooms, called Silence Rooms, were covered with a carpet and a direction panel pointing to the holy city of Makkah (Qiblah).

Trip on Halal is now bring restaurant, hotel, and Mosque directories in Singapore, Thailand, and Japan to ensure your Halal trip experience, whether you are travelling for leisure or business. Planning and doing Halal trip should also be fun!